Fine art for Apple digital displays.


Our founding exhibition, from legendary photographic artist, Deborah Samuel is 'RAIN' from her latest work, Elementals.


Why Apple users only?

pple owners are always first to say, "This is me” — the "me" I stand for. They love art, creativity and pay attention to details.

Rather than showing a typically garish home screen on your beautiful and expensive Apple device, build your own personal on-screen art gallery with RAiN, the first series from the Elementals collection by iconic Canadian photographic artist Deborah Samuel, and reflect yourself on a whole other level with SKREENART.


n our eternal ebb-and-flow between form and function, what is most important to the SKREENART audience is the ability to eloquently present fine art on their devices.

SKREENART is exclusively for iPhone, iPad, and Mac displays. Curated by the original creator, every SKREENART image is tailored seamlessly — without the art getting clipped, distorted, or pixelated due to a mismatched display size.

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